COLLIDE International Award

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Deadline: 10.03.17 Entry Fee: Free Winner: CHF 15,000 and a two-month residency at the lab during 2017

Established in 2011, Arts at CERN, the official arts programme of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, engages with art at the cutting edge of scientific research. In the second year of a successful collaboration with FACT – Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool – we are proud to announce the sixth edition of COLLIDE International Award’.

Arts at CERN and FACT joined efforts in 2016 in order to influence an international and flourishing scene of art and science. Furthermore, the collaboration was established to provide excellent opportunities to explore crossovers and dialogs between artists and scientists at CERN.

COLLIDE International Award welcomes proposals from artists from any country who are inspired by the ground-breaking research environment at CERN. From all the applications received one artist will be selected to receive a prize of CHF 15,000 and a two-month residency at the lab during 2017. Moreover, the prize comprises a following one-month residency at FACT, the UK’s leading media arts centre, to further develop the awarded proposal and to move into a funded production.

COLLIDE is a unique opportunity for artists to spend dedicated time in one of the most important laboratories in the world, where crucial questions about nature are addressed. Ultimately, COLLIDE proposes to transform the way art and science encounters are understood, to encourage a deep and critical understanding of art and science collaborations, and to challenge new modes of dialogue and enquiry across disciplines.

As the cradle of the World Wide Web and home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN is an eminent centre of science and technology with great relevance in the culture of today. As an international centre of excellence in these fields, CERN is an inspirational place for artists and creators of any kind to explore and extend their research in the compelling scientific field of particle physics.

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the UK’s leading media arts centre based in Liverpool, bringing people, art and technology together. FACT harnesses the power of creative technology to inspire and enrich lives through a wide ranging programme of exhibitions, research and innovation, and community-led projects. FACTLab is FACT’s experimental laboratory, a collaborative environment for interdisciplinary practice-based research and production operating at the crossroads between art, science and technology.

The competition is open to artists of any nationality or age. Their proposal should reflect upon encounters between art and science, and offer challenging methods of collaboration and enquiry between artists and scientists at CERN. The scope of this proposal should also consider a second developmental phase at FACT, where the artists will have the opportunity to expand their research and test its applications through FACTLab’s facilities and engagement with a wide range of communities. The ultimate goal for the residency will be the research and development of new concepts in laboratory contexts.

COLLIDE Open Call for Entries encourages the participation of artists interested in the ideas described above, complying with any of the following criteria:

  • Artists interested in the cultural significance of fundamental research and scientific knowledge.
  • Artists working with scientific ideas, technology and concepts as inspiration for their work.
  • Artists engaging with an innovative discourse on contemporary culture, following ambitious standards of creativity.
  • Artists demonstrating an active interest in the institutional visions, research methodologies, and cultural engagement of CERN and FACT.
  • Artists pushing the traditional forms of collaboration between the artistic and scientific fields, approaching science and research from diverse angles of enquiry, and asking innovative and provocative questions in this respect.

COLLIDE International Award grants an artist with a fully funded residency at CERN and FACT. The artist will spend the first two months at CERN, Geneva, followed by a one-month stay at FACT, Liverpool (not necessarily consecutively). The period of the residency will be defined after the announcement and it will occur not later than October 2017.

An individual artist or collective will be the recipient of the award. Two honorary mentions will be selected among the finalists.

The award for the winning artists comprises includes the following conditions:

  • 15,000 Swiss Francs as a research and development award.
  • Allowance for two months at CERN, Geneva and one month at FACT, Liverpool.
  • Travel costs and accommodation within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and FACT.
  • If a collective is awarded the prize shall be shared between the members and up to three members can take part in the residency.

Each of the two honorary mentions will be invited to make a two day visit to CERN in 2017. Dates and planning of the visits will be coordinated in advance and curated by CERN’s art experts. With them the artists will gain access to some of the main experiments at CERN as well as meeting different scientists for dialog and research related practice.


During the residency the awarded artist is expected:

  • To work with a scientific partner at CERN, and with the teams of Arts at CERN and FACT during the residency, exploring ideas and research and interacting with various communities in each location.
  • To conduct interventions, talks and/or workshops during the residency, including CERN and FACT staff, as well as other relevant communities such as artists, scientists, and academics.
  • To communicate the creative process and research developed during the residency through social media platforms, a blog or similar, in order to reach global audiences.
  • To meet regularly with the CERN scientific partner and curators of CERN and FACT, in order to discuss the process of artistic research, exploration and discovery, and to additionally work with other scientists.
  • During the residency at FACT, to establish conversations and explore collaborations with scientists and academics from Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University.
  • To communicate regularly with the teams at Arts at CERN and FACT to develop the proposal and ensure its satisfactory completion during the residency.
  • The main scientific language used at CERN and FACT is English, therefore it is essential to speak English fluently.
  • The full period of the residency at CERN and FACT must be completed.

A new COLLIDE production scheme will support the projects developed during the residency. During the residency the artist will be expected to develop the awarded proposal with the support of CERN and FACT curators. Following the residency the artist will be invited to submit a final proposal that will be considered for artistic production. A curatorial committee will be appointed to review and approve the art production, which will be supported with a budget of up to 50,000 €. It is expected that the production is completed during the six months after the residency. The final production will be included in a final touring exhibition in 2018-2020.


  • The deadline for applications is 10 March 2017.
  • The Jury of this edition is composed of a panel of experts.
  • The jury board will meet during the first week of April and the results will be announced that week.
  • The decision of the jury is final and allows no further communication. The acceptance of the prize constitutes the acceptance of these conditions.

Artists intending to apply shall submit a proposal adhering to the criteria of the call. The proposal should describe, in detail, the project that the artist intends to undertake during the residency at CERN and FACT. The proposal should be accompanied by a filmed statement (no longer than five minutes), defending the relevance of the intended project.

All documents must be submitted in English. The jury will not review incomplete proposals.


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