Lucerne Festival 2017 Soundzz.z.zz…z

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Deadline: 10.03.17 Entry Fee: Free Winner: 5,000.00 CHF (total fee for artists) Production budget of 10,000.00 CHF (as the upper limit on expenses)

The Kunstmuseum Luzern and Lucerne Festival seek out new, unconventional projects that are equally rooted in the realms of the visual arts and of music. Both of these institutions firmly believe that image and sound complement each other in highly sensory and inspiring ways. Therefore, they are sponsoring the “Soundzz.z.zzz…z” Competition, which is intended to explore the fertile meeting ground between sounds and images, artistic expression for the ears and the eyes, music and the visual arts.

The competition is aimed at artist/s (single artist or teams) who are asked to develop a new project at this intersection between music and the visual arts. The key is an interest in the interaction between both disciplines. The form is left open to candidates. Examples of what we are looking for might include an intervention, an initiative or special action, a work of performance art, a performance presentation, a concept that evolves during the course of the Festival, a series of performances, or another kind of event or happening. The site or venue is therefore open and to be chosen by the applicants, but it needs to show coherence with the project.

The central theme for Lucerne Festival in 2017 is “Identity”: Who am I? The theme involves issues relating to nationality, culture, gender, religion, and much more. The project must have a reference to the theme “Identity”, references to the Festival programming and to the exhibitions at the Kunstmuseum are not expected but are possible. The project should be self-sufficient and exist on its own terms.

The competition is open to highly skilled musicians and visual artists. There are no age limits or residential requirements. Single artists or teams of two or three artists can apply.

Cash award of 5,000.00 CHF (total fee for artists) Production budget of 10,000.00 CHF (as the upper limit on expenses)

Travel expenses and costs of accommodation in Lucerne will be covered up to an agreed amount. Artists will also receive a per diem during their stay in Lucerne. There is no additional performance fee.

The prize cash award will be paid immediately after the winner/s is/are selected. Half of the production budget will be paid once the project has been chosen. The other half will be paid subject to a statement of costs after the realization of the project. For this purpose, receipts for all expenses incurred are necessary. Fees for third parties will not be incurred.

Both institutions, the Kunstmuseum Luzern and Lucerne Festival, will attempt to provide technical support for on-site execution of the project when possible. Details regarding such support must be arranged in advance.


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